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Baoding incense burner

Baoding layers:Big small carved design single or differentMultilayerIncense burnerBaodingCan be made

Baoding:A burning device is mainly refers to Buddhism,In the temple,The ancient family are rare

Incense burner:Incense burnerIs there are necessary instruments,Is Chinese folk customs、Religion、The ritual activities of essential for most。

Copper iron bell

Xingguo temple

Dabao dragon temple

Anno fortune and wisdom

Company profile

        Fuzhou city dongxiang area Jiang Hong multiplier co., LTD., specializing in the production of various dynasties style of the ancients。The products include copper iron Buddha、Baoding、Bronze、Round incense burner、Round Taiwan wax、Thousands of pagoda、DaCha、Thousand Buddha light、Qing、French curve、Glass fiber reinforced plastic、Bronze lions and so on。And can be customized according to customer's request,Product modeling is grave and elegant、Simple and easy,Rich high artistic features。In line with“Buddhist generative、A high-volume, low-margin business、The quality is supreme”The way of business,The monk、Long、The mage and lay people praise and praise。And approved by the department of religious three certificates complete manufacturers。


       Our factory strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development。Especially in the aspect of lion casting has a solid strength,Distinguished institute of fine arts designers to modelling,Artistic style,Equivalent to that of HSBC, Hong Kong, the lion,There are unique。Please each temple mage,And all the new and old customers to come to our factory field trips,See sample orders,Our shipping agents,Considerate service,Welcome your letter、Calls、Intermediate products,The price is with preferential treatment。


Manufacturer of power,Can undertake large temple project,Customers don't need to worry


Our factory three generations in the Buddha multiplier industry production sales,Decades of experience


Normal manufacturer,He has the production of water equipment,Complete customer time limit for a project with good quality

After sales

The company launched24Hours of service mechanism,Timely response to customer demand

More than ten years experience Jiang Hong multiplier,The industry leader

Ensure delivery

Most areas door-to-door throughout the country

10In the brand

10Years of industry brand,Trustworthy

Custom processing

Make all kinds of figure of Buddha multiplier products

Worry-free after-sales

Quality issue a full refund

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